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Professor Shiyu Guo from Showa University visited our Institute and gave a talk about integrity and innovation in research

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 In the morning of December 30, invited by Professor Guangyin Xu, Professor Shiyu Guo from Showa University visited our institute and held the seminar “integrity and innovation in research” with the graduates from our institute.
        Professor Guo talked about the example of Haruko Obokata in RIKEN (Japan), who attracted most attention in 2014. Their team asserted that they successfully cultivated a new kind of pluripotent stem cell - "STAP cell", which can differentiate into a variety of cells. And the achievement was published in Nature in January 30. But it triggered a series of academic disputes, and was ultimately defined as a academic fraud case. Through this example, Professor Guo told the graduates to be honest to the scientific facts and be earnest in research without carelessness. He also hoped that graduates can combine their laboratory research with clinical to relieve patients’ suffering, which requires not only carefulness and pragmatic attitude, but also clinical conception and innovation.

 Professor Guo's speech was thoughtful and impressive. The students benefited a lot from his speech and discussed with Professor Guo actively. At last, we warmly applauded to express our gratitude to Professor Guo for his wonderful speech. Professor Guangyin Xu made a concluding remarks at the end of the seminar.