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A National Key R & D Plan Presided over by Prof. Chunfeng Liu Has Been Launched Successfully

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   On the Sept. 10, coincides with the occasion of the Teacher's Day, the launch meeting of precise medical research - Early Diagnosis and Precison Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and Its Related Disorders., which is a national key R & D plan, - has been convened in Suzhou. It is the first key projects of Ministry of science and technology of China assigned to Soochow University, as well as the first key project for the second affiliated hospital of Soochow University, which indicates that we have reached a domestic leading level of both basic and clinical Parkinsonism related research.

   The conference was attended by Jiang Xinghong, the vice president of Soochow University, Yin Guixia, the chief of Health and Family Planning Committee, Yu Qiuya, the chief of office of science and technology administration of Soochow University, Sun Qihua, the section chief of audit office, Cui Weirong, et al, and was presided by Liu Chunfeng, the director of the project.

   President Jiang addressed her welcome speech and showed her hospitality to all the specialists and scholars, together with a brief introduction of the recent achievements of Soochow University and Institute of Neuroscience. Effort devoted by experts to support Prof. Liu and Soochow University will surely be appreciated.

   Mrs Yin, the chief of Health and Family Planning Committee, conveyed her most sincere congratulation and promised that the funding from the municipal government for scientific research and technological innovation is due to grow.

   For the concern of completing the project successfully, Chen Shengdi, from Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, SJTU, Chen Haibo, from Beijing Hospital, Chen Biao, from Xuanwu Hospital of Capital University of Medical Sciences, Tang Beisha, from Xiangya Hospital of Centre-south University, Shang Huifang, from West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Xie Anmu, from the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University and Wang Guanghui, from Sochoow University, were invited to join a committee of supervisors. Prof. Chen Shengdi, the director of the committee, denoted that the committee is going to perform its duties and put forward suggestions so that the project can be conducted successfully. In addition, Chen Haibo, the director of Parkinson's disease and movement disorders group, neurology branch, Chinese medical association, will also spare no effort to help us.

   Mr. Sun, the section chief of audit office, explained the system of Funding audit and management of key projects, which enabled us to have a comprehensive understanding on the funding expenditure.

   Prof. Chunfeng Liu, the man at the wheel, said that the project consists of 3 independent portions assigned to Prof. Chunfeng Liu himself, Prof. Jifeng Guo and Prof. Yanning Cai respectively, and the tasks for each professor were introduced in detail.


   At last, the committee proposed their comments on the details from planning to implementation. They all thought it remarkable to finish such a difficult task in limited time, and we must focus on the emphases and aim at the clinical guideline enactment, which is customized for Chinese people.

   So far, depending on the resources from the second affiliated hospital of Soochow University, Prof. Liu’s team has received funding from over 40 project including national key R & D plan, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research project of Ministry of health, Special Project of Clinical technology in Jiangsu, etc. and has published their findings on many journals covering Autophagy, Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, Molecular Pain, etc. The good news is that Soochow has ascended to top 1% in the ESI Rankings in neurology.

   It is sure that we are bound to achieve a great success and make history under the leadership of Liu Chunfeng. We are pretty prepared to face all the intractable situations however hard the work is.